About Elena Recher

ER_profile (2)Elena is an education professional and thought leader for 21st century education. In her role as a teacher and development manager for digital education at Germany’s first digital grammar school she set standards in practical educational concepts revolutionizing the classroom.

She holds a master of education (1st & 2nd Staatsexamen) of the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich in English, German, Economics, Psychology and Pedagogic. She lived and worked in Europe and North America gaining deep insights into both worlds of education.

With the rise of ubiquitous and unlimited content in the field of education it is a matter of time until this movement will disrupt today’s way of teaching. The question is not how to use tablets or other digital devices at school. The question is how to revolutionize the complete mindset of education along its value chain.

Educationized.com has been founded out of a strong demand risen in Elena’s time as a teacher and incubated by the latest thoughts and cutting edge movements collected in her extensive stay in the Silicon Valley in 2013.

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